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In Snackson we’ve developed our own methodology, combinining micorlearning, mobile and gamification dynamics.


We focus on content, eliminating what is superfluous and emphasizing key concepts.

Content is modular, versatile, and reusable. Furthermore, it is easy to create visually powerful presentations that make learning more accesible.


Our users earn rewards for topic mastery, they receive competency-based badges, and score points for individual and group challenges.

We simplify gamifications dynamics without compromising learning outcomes.


Information consumption through smartphones holds as the fastest growing channel in the learning and development industry, and it stands alone as the main access point to informal learning experiences.

Users can easily access a personalized training environment anywhere and everywhere using their mobile devices while commuting, over a coffee break, or during “downtime” in your daily routine.

Sanckson’s methodology has been specifically designed for mobile devices. Be mobile my friend!

Key concepts about Snackson

Snackson is a mobile learning solution for companies and institutions.

Each user receives between three and five minutes per day of micro-content combining text, pictures, video, and assessment quizzes.

Our clients determine the duration of the micro-courses (between one and eight weeks) and the amount of content delivered each day (between one to eight lessons/units). They can also specify the days and time slots to access content and organize learners into subgroups and teams.

Snackson is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Catalan. The admin environment is available in English, Spanish, and Catalan (more languages coming soon).
Snackson runs on iOS, Android, and Windows Phones, you just need an account to gain access.

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