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In Snackson we’ve developed our own methodology, combinining micorlearning, mobile and gamification dynamics.


We put focus on content, eliminating what is superfluous and emphasizing key concepts.

The contents are modular, versatile, reusable and have a great visual power. Furthermore, they are easy to create and assimilate.


Points, badges for achievements, prizes, competitions between groups, and rankings are some of the mechanisms we use in Snackson.

We apply gamification dynamics in a simple way, never forgetting that our focus is learning.


Mobile phones have become the media that grows the faster in terms of information consumption and informal learning.

Thanks to the mobile phones and the normalization of internet connection, users can access their training whenever they need it and anywhere (while waiting for a meeting, travelling, having a coffee…)

Snackson has been specifically designed thinking on how we work with mobile phones.

Be mobile my friend.

Key concepts about Snackson

Snackson is a mobile learning solution for companies and institutions.

Each user receives between 3 and 5 minutes per day of microcontents that can combine texts, pictures, videos and evaluation questions.

Clients can determine the duration of the microcourses (between 1 and 8 weeks), the number of contents available each day (between 1 and 8), the delivery days, the existence or not of teams and the time slot.

Snackson is multilingual. Currently, the app is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and also in Catalan. The management environment is available in English, Spanish and Catalan (more languages coming soon).

Snackson runs on iOS, Android and Windows Phone (remember, you need an account to access).

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