Next May, the IV International EDO Congress will be held in Barcelona, specifically on the 11th, 12th, and 13th May.  Here you can see the programme.

The topic of the congress is situated learning and connected learning as well as their implications for work.

Among the speakers there are professionals of the stature of George Siemens, Harold Jarche or Stephen Billet, among other speakers with a great career in the world of technology-mediated learning processes. You can see all the speakers at  

This edition is special for me for a number of reasons. The main one: I’ll have the opportunity to attend as a speaker with the workshop “Microlearning via smartphone for training in companies.

But, besides, I’ll have the possibility to attend the conferences of some icons who have marked my educational background, whose works have nurtured the theoretical frameworks of all my contributions to the educational world.

Although they don’t know yet, Snackson has an educational approach that has been forged on the basis of their main conclusions. I can’t avoid cracking a smile every time I talk about the connectivism theory. The fact is that, despite the criticism that can arise from the fact of calling it “learning theory”, it’s undeniable that when we talk about connected learning we have to resort to Siemens’ ideas.


Workshop: Microlearning via smartphone for training in companies

I still have a lot to work on in order to give shape to the workshop I will be presenting at the EDO Congress, but you can be sure that we’re going to dig into the latest aspects of training in organizations.

In this workshop, Sánchez-Aparicio outlines the changes in which our society has been immersed with the growth of digital technology. This evolution generates challenges in framing continuous training for workers. Therefore, we will see techniques that may help to make those processes easier and how Snackson system can contribute to it. The topics highlighted are:

– Challenges on training in the 21st century

– Mobile Learning in business – Microlearning

– Gamification

– Snackson’s solutions

We’ll survey the current situation of continuous training in companies, the challenges it is facing and how technology is leveraging learning processes within organizations.

We will talk about what this mobile learning thing is, and what advantages it can provide to an organization and its employees, but also about the most common problems we have to face when we work with this kind of systems.

We’ll also see what is what microlearning involves, where does it come from, and some examples that will help us to understand it clearly. Finally, I’ll present Snackson and I’ll make a short demonstration of how it works, both at the level of management platform for the company, as well as at the level of the app, from which users interact.


Try Snackson in the EDO Congress

All those attending the workshop will be able to try, if they are interested, the functioning of this m-learning system which uses microlearning strategies. For that purpose, they’ll only need a mobile phone and a valid email.

If anyone attending the congress is interested in trying Snackson cannot go to my workshop, they can contact me through this form writing as a subject “EDO Congress”.

Post translated by Carolina Serna

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