We announced it before the summer break. We said in September we would arrive making great strides and today… it’s official!

After a lot of work and efforts, Snackson is already available for download at Google Play!


What purpose does Snackson serve?

As we have detailed in previous occasions, Snackson is an e-learning service based on mobile phones from which companies and institutions can perform training activities for their employees. It can be used in multiple contexts:

  • As an autonomous tool to perform training by processes or knowledge.
  • To invigorate an employees group.
  • As a communication channel for specific campaigns (new products, laws, annual reports…).
  • As the preparation to an in-person or “conventional” on-line training.
  • As a complement to a “conventional” training.
  • Content support once the “conventional” training has finished”.
  • A combination of the previous.

You can learn more about Snackson’s advantages at Why Snackson?


Discover Snackson for Android

Snackson goes everywhere with you. Make the most of those waiting times in the daytime to log in and participate in challenges. You’ll score points for watching the content or answering correctly to the questions raised. These points will be added both to the challenge’s classification and the personal scoreboard.

We make it easy. We’ll notify you when you have new content or challenges available, when you win a new prize, when you achieve a new badge… You’ll be kept abreast about all what happens in Snackson.


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Snackson Android


Some examples of microcontents you can find on Snackson.


How to use Snackson?

Snackson App is linked to a web platform (back-office) from where each organization adapts, customizes and manages all the aspects that intervene in their dynamics

In order to use Snackson App it is necessary that your organization sends you an invitation to participate as a user. The organizations that wish to use Snackson as part of their corporate communication and training dynamics can contact our commercial team in order to know every single detail via email or by using the form down below:


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Post translated by Carolina Serna

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