The 22nd October was a day of celebration for us. After lots of work, the Snackson App for iOS is already available on the App Store. We couldn’t start this post in a different way than by thanking the whole team all their efforts and endeavor so that all the pieces fit together. Thank you all!


Snackson iOS




This news is of a great significance, given that today we can say that our ecosystem is ready to start operating at full capacity.

We have a clear and ambitious mission: to facilitate continuous training. In order to do so, we have designed very carefully all the Snackson’s functionalities as well as the teaching-learning dynamics through an intuitive, simple, powerful and appealing environment. Besides, to encourage you to use Snackson, our pedagogical team has created contents that we believe will be of great interest in order to acquire transversal competences as communication skills or selling techniques.

Now comes a phase that makes us so excited, the one in which we see how this project grows and in which we listen to your feedback.

During these weeks, we are carrying out pilot tests with diverse clients and their feedback cannot be better. In fact, lots of organizations have contacted us to try Snackson. Now that we have overcome this stage, we can announce that in a few days you will hear from us and will receive an invitation so that you can assess this new tool. We believe you’ll love it as much as we do!

Now our commitment is to keep improving. On the 22nd we launched the 1.0 version, but we’ve got plenty of ideas in mind that we are developing. New game and learning dynamics, new contents, options to improve the management of the platform, even more complete and detailed reports, new platforms (we are working in the version for Windows Phone)…

We are at your disposal to explain Snackson’s benefits and to solve any doubt you may have…


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Post translated by Carolina Serna

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