We are aware that for many people, Snackson is something new and unknown. It is no surprise. Until today, all the available information about our project could be found just in our offical Twitter account. With this web we open a new channel of information for you: our blog.

Snackson is a project that is growing since the end of 2014 and in this time we have had time for lots of things…

We sum up for you the most important ones (or at least, the ones that seem more significant to us):

New office

Yes, for sure: new company, new office. Here you have the picture of our arrival and how we established our settlement:

Snackson is in da house

Finally we could say that “Snackson is in da house”. It was precisely in this moment when we all were fully aware that this was serious: Let’s develop Snackson!


Snackson has represented a herculean task of conceptualization. Making things simple, it’s not easy! We are still adjusting the interaction processes in the App and back-office. A significant example is this comparison between the first designs and the current layout:

Comparación back-office

And we keep thinking about it. New ideas, new options, new functionalities, new improvements… Our team has a great power of imagination and never stops. We gather all the ideas that come up to our mind to apply them in the near future.

Contents creation

We work as the gear assembly of a Swiss watch. While developers move mountains to program Snakcson as optimally as possible, the pedagogical team creates microcontents in parallel. Here you can see an example of one of the first videos that we created:

It forms part of the category “Intellectual Property and Author’s Rights” that will be available with the launch of Snackson.


We want to create learning objects that result practical, useful and interesting. The bad news is that we don’t have expertise in all fields. The good news is that there are very nice people that help us and cede us their work so that we can adapt it to the microlearning format.

A great example is the category “No pierda el tiempo vendiendo” (Don’t waste your time selling). An adaptation of the book with the same title, written by David González-Guillem and José MªAntona Cervera (thanks a lot!):

No pierda el tiempo vendiendo

Other colleagues that have collaborated with us are RocaSalvatella (a thousand thanks for your article “8 Digital Skills for Professional Success“, and A life of productivity, who shared with us some hacks to be more productive and with which we have created the category “100 tips to be more productive”.


Many efforts are being made so that everything works perfectly and to make sure that Snackson meets the needs of organizations in what refers to on-going training. But we also want Snackson to be nice and pleasant to see.

El sabelotodoExplorador

Here you can see 2 of the more than 30 badges that users will win according to their different achievements in Snackson. Don’t you think they are lovely? Sergi Comabella is our great artist.

Take a break

From time to time we take a break and challenge each other. Ideas flow much better when you are playing basket or with some good services:

Canasta    Raquetas

Well… the truth is that we still have to improve on this, some of us have been hit by the ball already! Fortunately, the balls are made of rubber 😀

We program, we create contents…

We work together and at the same time in all the fronts in order to have Snackson ready as soon as possible.

Introduciendo contenido    Mapa de datos

Obviously, this requires good organization. Lots of organization. That is why comradeship and teamwork are fundamental:

Reunión Snackson    Probando App

We are Snackson

Snackson is already with us and no one wants to miss the opportunity to take a photo with him:

Snackson Natalia    Snackson JC

But this is not over yet!

We have just taken the first steps. We are so close of officially launching Snackson, meanwhile, we suggest you to stay tuned to our blog and our Twitter account so that you do not miss out any news.

You can also put in contact with us if you have any doubt or suggestion about Snackson.

Post translated by Carolina Serna

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