Today’s post is a bit different to the ones you’re used to. After looking back on our articles, we have come up with a list of the most read posts of our blog in the past 6 months. Now you will be able to access them all through the same page and have the chance to re-read the posts that have interested you the most between November 2016 and today, or to discover them if you missed something! 🙂


This is the ranking of the most read posts between November 2016 and April 2017:


6 – Gamification: press start!: In the “Gamification: press start” post you can learn the basic information about this technique that has been all the rage lately.


5 – Gamificación, gamification, ludificación… ¿Cómo me llamo? (in Spanish): People in this industry always run into the same problem: How to talk about gamification? Should I use the English word or the Spanish equivalent? Which is the Spanish equivalent anyways?


4 – LO Characteristics and granularity: When we design a LO it’s in our best interest to make the content short, and only include the essential information in a well-structured way. Granularity characterizes our LO in order to make it more or less reusable, and at the same time more or less durable and interchangeable.


3 – Startups & edtech in Spain: In this post we have gathered a list of startups that are contributing to the education and technology sectors in Spain.


2 – Microlearning is everywhere: 10 examples: Microlearning is a strategy consisting of learning new information delivered as microcontent (micromedia).


1 – Pros and cons of the top animated video making platforms: We present what we consider to be the top animated video creation platforms based on our reviews and assessment.


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