Less than a month ago, we presented to  you new categories available for our clients. Well, we already have a few more!!! Christmastime is a time for joy, surprises, and presents… so, as it is to be expected, we brought you this!

The truth is that the team is very pleased because we already have a broad variety of contents and some very interesting microsurprises we are preparing and that we hope you’re going to love. And don’t forget that you can create your own microcontents, it’s so easy! Have a look at our new categories, we’re sure they can help you get inspired and adapt or create contents for your training actions. Besides, there’s no need to say that if you have any doubts you can always rely on our help 😉


Basic life support and exterior defibrillation (CPR)


  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 32
  • Question Learning Objects/strong>: 16

Available in Spanish, Catalan and English.


Did you know that in Spain there is a cardiopulmonary arrest episode every 20 minutes?

Knowing how the “chain of survival” works is vital to offer adequate attention to this situation.

This system is not exclusive of the medical professionals. The whole of society should know how to act in the face of a cardiopulmonary arrest. An immediate response and CPR save lives!

In this category, based in a course of Unió Consorci i Formació (UCF) made by DesignTraining, you’ll learn basic concepts regarding early cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and you’ll discover how the defibrillators found in many public places work.


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Conflict management and mediation techniques


  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 65
  • Question Learning Objects: 21

Available in Spanish, Catalan and English.


A conflict can emerge in the most unexpected moment and for the most unexpected reason, both in our professional and personal lives.

Knowing the different kind of conflicts existing, the elements that interfere, and how to face them will help us to solve them quickly and with beneficial outcomes for both parties.

Do you know what is a mediation? And a caucus? The differences between a conflict and a problem? What is resilience?

Let us be your coach through this category!


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Essential metrics and concepts for your company


  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 33
  • Question Learning Objects: 12

Available in Spanish, Catalan and English.


The metrics we use for our company should help us to learn from our actions and to improve them.

The type and quantity of information that we manage is influential for our business and, therefore, it’s important to know which of the following variables can lead us to success and how to measure them.

Do you want to know the most important indicators and concepts when it comes to managing a company? All you need is this category in order to learn the keys!


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Orthotypography and other thoughts about language


  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 79
  • Question Learning Objects: 26

Available in Spanish.


Only a philologist or a language geek would dare to read the Nueva gramática de la lengua española (2009 – 2011) and the Ortografía de la lengua española (2010) manuals, they add up 4,832 pages of norms!

But they are not the only ones that can and must master the language. Good writing and expression skills are vital to communicate effectively. Furthermore, the way in which we express ourselves is crucial to make a good impression. A text that rides roughshod over the language can give an unfortunate image of you.

In this category you’ll find an answer to all those doubts we all have had at some point… is it one word or two? Should it be capitalized or not? How do you correctly use quotation marks? Should I use a comma here? When are italics used?, etc.

You won’t have no reason to be jealous of the best writers!


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We help you to create your training activities!

We remind you that Snackson also offers you a service to create customized content. EIn case your organization doesn’t have the time or the resources necessary to produce them, our team will carry out the whole process, from conceptualization to final production.

Post translated by Carolina Serna

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