After a year of hard work… we’re finally able to rest for a few days and recharge our batteries to come back at our best. You have been able to see on our blog that this year has been an intense one. In these months we have made good progress. Not only we have added new functionalities, we have also created new content categories and we’ve even took the time to disseminate the project.

Regarding the platform, we’ve achieved to have within the market our app for Windows Phone and iPad. Together with the Android and iOS versions, we’re already prepared to bring training to nearly every device on the world. Besides, we have new functionalities such as: internal notifications, sponsored content… and now, in Spain, you can even reimburse your microcourses with Fundación Tripartita! And…. (psst…! ¡Spoiler alert!) We’re preparing a new and remodeled version for iOS!

With regard to the content, we’ve created new categories, available for all our clients, as for example: Basic life support and exterior defibrillation, conflict management and mediation techniques, effective meetings, essential metrics and concepts for your company, orthotypography and other thoughts about language, business phrasal verbs, communication skills, intercultural communication, preventive measures for the administrative staff, food handling, high risk foods and HACCP, and emotional intelligence and customer support, among others. Likewise, we’ve also been offering support to our clients, helping them with the creation of the content for their training activities in order to develop really cool projects as the ones we’ve made for Mutua Universal or Desigual, who will be making the most of the summer to learn with Snackson. Thank you for placing your trust in us!

Besides, moving to our current headquarters in Barcelona has been an important step forward in our trajectory as well as consolidating an office in Madrid. But we don’t only work in the office! We have a lot to do outside, too. For example, we had the great pleasure of introducing Snackson in very important events that took place in Barcelona:First Tuesday, South Summit, 4Y4N, CIEDO and Appcircus, in which Snackson was one of the finalists.

We’ve achieved many of the goals we set out to accomplish, and even others that we didn’t even imagine. We deserve a vacation, don’t we? We will come back in September with renewed energies to create new functionalities, to make Snackson even funnier, and many other surprises we’re preparing.

Post translated by Carolina Serna

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