As you probably know by now, each month we release new categories, available and ready to use for our clients and that can help you get inspired and adapt or create contents for your training actions.

We want to provide you with a useful base of knowledge that can be applicable to your organization so that you can start using Snackson from the beginning. Then, if you have any suggestions… Don’t hesitate anymore and write to us right away!

And, of course, don’t forget that you yourself can create your own microcontent, it’s very easy! Moreover, you have available our guides to create useful and engaging learning objects too! But as we always say… if you have any doubt, you can rely on our help! ?

Without further delay, here you have a summary of our new categories:

Preventive measures for the administrative staff



  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 34
  • Question Learning Objects: 5

Available in Spanish, Catalan and English.


The tasks of the administrative staff or of people who work in an office may vary between companies. If we had to find a common denominator for all of them, the same idea would come to our minds: they spend most of their time in front of a computer.

Sitting improperly when working, poor illumination, inappropriate office furniture…. are some of the factors that can increase worker’s fatigue, not only affecting their performance, but also their health.

This category helps to identify those customs and habits that don’t have a positive outcome. Once the problem is identified, it is a matter of putting into practice the pieces of advice and solutions given.
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Food handling



  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 64
  • Question Learning Objects: 24

Available in Spanish.


A food handler is a person who, in the workplace, is in direct contact with food.

Can you distinguish between an infection and food poisoning?
Thanks to this new category you won’t only be able to identify what does cause the illnesses provoked by contaminated food, you’ll also know how to correctly handle their preparation and, therefore, be able to prevent them.

And not only that! You’ll get to know the most common preservation methods and other aspects that may affect the good state of food.

Pay attention to this content, consumers’ health depends on you.


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Business Phrasal Verbs



  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 63
  • Question Learning Objects: 59

Available in English.


English is essential for business at an international level in order to communicate with partners, clients, suppliers, etc. beyond the country’s borders. In fact, most of the European countries communicate among them in English.

One of the most important features of the global entrepreneurs who have succeeded in the market is their capacity to learn and adopt the language as well as the traditions of the countries where their business flourishes. Learning languages is essential for your company!

With this category, you can learn more than 120 phrasal verbs that you’ll find useful for your commercial relations.


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We help you to create your training activities!

We remind you that Snackson also offers you a service to create customized content. In case your organization doesn’t have the time or the resources necessary to produce them, our team will carry out the whole process, from conceptualization to final production.


Don’t forget the rest of available categories!

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Post translated by Carolina Serna

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