Your mobile learning channel

Snackson improves work teams’ training, using our own methodology based on mobile, microlearning and gamification dynamics.

Do you need a reception plan, to explain a new process, product launch, commercial training…?

With Snackson you’ll be sure your training gets to where your users are: directly to their smartphones.

You can use Snackson with a tailor-made micro-course (our experts take care of everything) and if you prefer, you can hire a course of our catalog or create your own content. ūüôā

They have already trusted us:

Benefits for clients

It allows implementing lifelong learning.

It simplifies the production of content and courses.

It reduces expenses and increases the success of the training activity.

It brings knowledge closer to users.

It makes the tracking of the training activities easier.

 Snackson. Microlearning

Let’s talk about it!

If you’re interested in trying Snackson, receiving information about our pricing or you have any doubts about how it works, send us a message and we’ll anser in a micromoment.

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