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Snackson improves the learning outcomes of your team. Our unique methodology and gamification techniques enable you to personalize training and to make it more effective. Leveraging smartphones for microlearning is the future of any enterprise learning.

Do you need a new employee onboarding plan? Do you have to diffuse knowledge regarding new business processes? How do you coordinate the launch of a new product? How do you further develop your sales team?

With Snackson, your smartphone training solutions a arewhere your trainees are located.

You can easily create your own content, or if you prefer, our experts can tailor-build a micro-course for you. You can also purchase a course from our growing catalog.

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The Benefits of Using Snackson

It enables personalized, lifelong learning.

It simplifies content and course production.

It reduces expenses and increases training outcomes.

It is time, location, and device agnostic.

It collects learning and performance metrics

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