Content is the key

10 basic tips for the creation of microlearning/microcontents

Snackson’s success lies both in its technical conceptualization and its approach to contents. In the case of microlearning, the impact is clearer: media determines the type of content to show.

We are aware of these circumstances and we want to get involved so that you find it very easy to start producing microcontents. We are preparing a help, tips and tricks section for the creation of materials that we will be published soon.



  1. Break up with the idea of a guidelined and sequential training. It has been proved that people do not learn in an ordered way, but on the basis of drives and connections with informational hubs.

  2. You should be able to visualize content in a reduced space of time. Always imagine the user in his daily routine: would it be possible to see the content while waiting for the metro?

  3. Customize learning objects as much as you can in a way suitable to your company’s organization.

  4. Content’s main target is to encourage reflection by including help and support strategies so that users can achieve their own goals (instructional scaffolding).

  5. Contents should transfer useful knowledge with a practical sense to users. Present ideas or concepts in a clear and direct way.

  6. It is better to split up content into diverse and separate learning objects than saturating one object with lots of information.

  7. If possible, add videos and try their duration does not exceed 2 minutes.

  8. Make the most of the “supplementary information”section to provide useful information about the content shown.

  9. Offer content in different formats and mix them: videos, pictures, illustrations, text, questionnaires…

  10. Play with questions, They can be at the beginning, end, or mixed… Creativity to power!

Snackson training


If you have any doubt about how to set out contents or how to build up better challenges, in Snackson’s welcome pack we will explain to you:

  • Snackson’s general functioning.
  • How to make the most of Snackson’s educational and pedagogical potential.
  • Pedagogical design principles applied to ongoing training.
  • How to create relevant and appealing contents.
  • The methodological possibilities of challenges.


All our learning trainers have wide knowledge about Snackson and are experts in pedagogy and teaching-learning processes in digital environments.

Content creation service

If your organization needs support in the creation of contents, Snackson provides you with an integral service. Don’t panic, we will take care of transforming your documents in appealing learning objects, ready to be included in your challenges.

Needs analysis

Snackson’s team will contact you to jointly analyze your organiztion’s training needs.


Some training objectives will be established and later on achieved by means of the contents and dynamics outlined by Snackson.


The organization compiles all the educational material about the subjects that have been agreed to enhance. If you don’t have any contents, we can create them for you.

Content curation

We analyze the pedagogical value of contents and establish a series of action guidelines. At this point, it may be necessary to consult with experts in the subject areas in order to validate and/or widen the information that we receive.

Pedagogical process

Microcontents for Snackson’s challenges are created from the validated information, always attending the organization’s requests and needs.


Graphic resources

We adapt the graphic material that the organization provides us with and/or we create the audiovisual resources necessary.

Analysis and monitoring

We provide a service to follow-up the evolution of the content created by Snackson. We will adjust those contents that do not cause the impact desired or that are not resulting relevant to achieve the objectives established.