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    Snackson explained in 5 seconds


Snackson proposes a non-intrusive model that coordinates learning by means of light impacts that lead to introspection, analysis and consolidation of the proposed contents.

Snackson’s dynamics are based in temporary challenges (1 to 8 weeks) that allow people to acquire knowledg naturally. The challenge’s microcontents are released in the time slot that the customer designates. 

Users receive contents and score points by visualizing content or by answering correctly to the questions set out in the challenge. These points are added individually or collectively according to the type of challenge.

Thanks to this model, a user who participates in a 20 days challenge, dedicating 2-3 minutes per day, would obtain results similar to those of a conventional training of 1 or 2 hours.

What is Snackson used for?

Snackson can be used in multiple contexts:

  • As an autonomous tool to perform training by processes or knowledge.
  • To invigorate an employees group.
  • As a communication channel for specific campaigns (new products, laws, annual reports…)
  • As the preparation to a in-person or “conventional” on-line training.
  • As a complement to a “conventional” training.
  • Content support once the “conventional” training has finished.
  • A combination of the previous.

Snackson's functioning in 4 steps

When a customer contracts Snackson, he is able to access a web environment where he can manage the learning dynamics by means of a simple back-office.

The customer adds users with the help of our back-office, where they can also assign challenges to those users. What is more, it is possible to register users, create contents, categories, challenges, prizes and consult monitoring reports regarding the activity of users within the sime site and in an autonomous way.

Once the up has been downloaded, users can choose the language in which they will be navigating (currently available in Spanish, English and Catalan).

When they are registered, users will receive their credentials and from that moment they will be able to use Snackson, see challenges and get involved in learning dynamics.

One user can get involved in diverse challenges at the same time, though we recommend you to participate in one challenge at a time.

Users receive notifications in their mobile phones when they receive a new microcontent (learning object). These objects are informative (text, image, video…) or evaluative (questions).

A challenge can be organized individually or by groups.  Users score points by visualizing content or by answering correctly to questions. These points are added both to the challenge’s ranking and the individual scoreboard.


Snackson’s notifications system, informs users when there is new content, when they win prizes or badges…

It also monitors the contents they have visualized, bookmarked as favorites, etc.

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