Snackson arose out of a bar conversation. Microlearning sneaked in between coffee, beer and hamburgers in a bar at Cardedeu, a municipality of the Vallés Oriental County in Catalonia. At that moment it was only an idea to explore, based on a common objective that all the partners we had from the beginning: to develop training on mobile phones, thinking on the final device and its characteristics.

Now that it has become a reality, and quite rightly, the first interview we had to make it there. For this reason, we put ourselves in the hands of Anna Fernández, an exceptional journalist and the team of Ràdio Televisió Cardedeu (the first local TV channel created in Spain, by the way.)

The result was an interview (originally in Catalan) where we presented the world premiere of Snackson 😀 . We hope you like it and, if you visit Cardedeu, let us know to have a coffee or beer together. Perhaps we come up with a new idea.

Thank you Anna for the interview!

Post translated by Carolina Serna

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