We bet on microlearning


Snackson is the first application that combines the advantages of mobile learning with the microlearning strategy (modular contents of short duration and adapted to the end device).

The way in which we consume information and training is changing. Acording to a study carried out by the University of California, the amount of time spent by an adult to browse a website without any distractions is of 9 seconds.

Microlearning is the natural evolution of micromedia (Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Tumblr…). Thanks to microcontents we set aside the superfluous and we focus on relevant facts and key information.

This learning strategy allows an agile consumption of content, adjusting it to our pace of work and making it available when it is really necessary or when the user will be more receptive. We do not have to reserve 1 hour for training: 3 or 4 minutes per day will be enough to acquire some knowledge and reinforce concepts.

Other advantage to be taken into account is that it also allows the creation of contents in a more agile, modular, quick and economic way. That modularity makes it easier to accurately monitor the impact of the different microcontents in the final user.

Microlearning is ideal for global environments; it considers multiple intelligences, which allows us to reach all types of user. This is especially useful in professional sectors that are continuously updating products or legislation, because content in small chunks has been proven to offer better knowledge retention rates.

Snackson doesn’t intend to replace conventional on-line training or on-site training.

Our objective is to make it easier, enhance and improve certain learning processes, taking mobile phones as the main communication channel.

The use of Snackson, combined with other methodologies, allows us to create a global, integrated, cross-disciplinary and more transforming learning environment.

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