In today’s post, with our usual aim of improving each day, we would like to present 4 new functionalities we have developed to ensure an even more complete and satisfactory user experience:


  • Feedback
  • Tracking videos
  • Audio player
  • Content lists


Keep reading to find out more about each one:


1. Feedback

When we started Snackson we thought that one feedback visual was enough. Because of the format we use for mobile devices (microcontents), we assumed users would assimilate the required knowledge if we simply told them what the correct answer was.

Over time we noticed that, even though this was usually the case, sometimes answers were more nuanced or required additional explications in order to contextualize why an answer was right or wrong. Many of our clients asked for it, and now here it is 🙂

As always, we offer total flexibility in our back-office. You decide whether a question will have only visual feedback, or if you rather add an explanation for wrong or right answers, or for both.

The image shows how this new feature will look for the app’s users. The message will appear after answering a question, and it can also be retrieved at any point later on:



2. Tracking videos

This new feature of the Snackson app allows users who are watching content in video format to stop viewing it before ending the training. Next time they access, the video will resume from the exact point they had stopped at, as if they had simply paused it.





3. Audio

This new feature means new types of content can be created. Apart from the resources we are already familiar with, such as video, single images, image galleries, graphics or short texts, you can now add an audio clip , creating a new way of interacting with users/learners.




4. Upcoming content

That’s right: lists with all of the upcoming contents! From now on, users will see all future contents of their training. As you can see on the image, the title of the next content will be available to users before they can access it. This satisfies users’ curiosity about what’s coming up next, increases their thirst for knowledge and helps situate users as to where they are in the training process.



And the question we always ask… Can you come up with any new functionalities? We invite you to suggest improvements and other functionalities that you think are relevant or that will improve Snackson.

Post translated by Laura del Aguila

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