On this occasion, we want to introduce you a new functionality that allows our users to participate in the training activities of multiple companies. Both our backoffice and the app are already enabled to work with multi-company users.

One only user, with the same email, can be invited by a number of organizations to participate in their training activities and will have a different profile for each of them. The user, as usual, will receive an invitation email from which he/she will be able to activate his/her account in order to receive the challenges of the new companies.


A user that participates in the training activities of more than one company can change the company in which he/she is playing when logging in Snackson…

… or from his/her user profile at any moment. The user simply needs to tap on the icon and the list of the companies in which he/she has accepted to participate in some microcourses.It’s that easy!Can you come up with any new functionalities? We invite you to suggest the improvements and functionalities you consider important to make Snackson even better.

Snackson Inglés escoger empresa
Inglés-escoger-empresa-1_tap-576x1024 Inglés escoger empresa

Post translated by Carolina Serna

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