From the beginning, Snackson is a channel created so that companies and organizations from all around the world bring training and communication closer to their workers, clients or collaborators in a simple and ongoing basis.

It is for that reason that in Snackson languages matter, and since mid-July our app is available in: German, French and Italian. These languages have been added to Spanish, English and Catalan, which were available from the very beginning of the app. The language in which a user sees the application interface can be changed directly when logging in.

But also once the user has already accessed, from his/her user profile.
In order to make this possible, it has been also necessary to update our backoffice, from where content is entered, enabling the creation of multi-language content.It’s as simple as changing the tab of the language in which we want to create or translate a content.
BO multiidioma
We’ve already thought the new languages into which we will translate Snackson in a few months time. Which ones do you think they are? 😉

Inglés multidioma

Post translated by Carolina Serna

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