Snackson is in a mood of celebration again.

We already have the first version of Snackson for Windows Phone published! This version joins the developments of the iOS version and Android version, where we’ve already achieved nothing less than 2000 downloads in a B2B model and in just 6 months.

We are very satisfied with the obtained results since we’ve managed to preserve intact the usability and navigation characteristic of our app, at the same time that we’ve adjusted it to the graphic and functional capabilities of Microsoft’s operating system.

Once we’ve reached this milestone, we’re able to offer to all our clients (who in some cases had a considerable volume of Windows Phone users) a transversal solution for their employees. A mobile learning solution developed and designed for mobile phones.

If you are interested and you want to try Snackson out, and you have Windows Phone, contact us so that we can invite you to one of the microcourses in our catalog.

Snackson en Windows Phone from snackson on Vimeo.


PS.: Thank you Ricardo Gala and the whole team of for the efforts you’ve made.

Post translated by Carolina Serna

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