Microcourse: Gamification: press start

The gamification takes the features we like from games and applies them to everyday actions to make them more interesting and increase participation. The elements of games and the implicit or explicit promise of reward increase our motivation and attention … Read More



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Gamification: press start!

On 28th January we had the pleasure of participating in the meeting “¡La gamificación no es un juego de niños!” (Gamification is not a kid’s game!, in English) by Grupo Talentum and organized by Fundació Factor Humà. Miguel Ángel, Snackson’s CEO, … Read More

Why should we apply gamification in education?

Games have always been considered as a ludic activity, something entertaining and for the spare time. That is to say, an activity that we voluntarily make in order to escape from routine and have fun. Usually, these actions have always … Read More