The 3rd November we were presenting Snackson at in Barcelona. For us, it was a turning point in a journey that we officially started 8 months ago.

It was our little debut (it has served us to grasp that we have to practice our pitch :D)

Miguel Angel presentando Snackson en el First Tuesday

Thank you for the picture ;D


During this time, we’ve been working hard so that Snackson becomes a reality. In the first months, we focused on setting up the business model and the structure of our solution, looking for a mobile training programme proposal that would be versatile, powerful, modern and easy to use. If we heed our first clients feedback, we believe we’ve pulled it off.

Así es Snackson

When we already had the conceptual and visual model, we started to develop both the production environment and the different versions of the app. At the end of July, we had the management environment ready and in September we published the first Android version and six weeks ago we had the app for IOS finally approved (after passing the different steps of Apple’s App Review process).


Not just technology

Ever since the project started we had very clear that Snackson’s success required the achievement of an appropriate balance between contents, technology and methodology.

Snackson allows clients to create their own challenges and contents very easily. Our pedagogical staff supports clients during Snackson’s implementation process to help them in the creation of content that fits an environment as specific as the mobile is. We also make easier the use of our app through contents produced by Snackson or collaborators.

It is for this reason that we’ve carried out our own specific process to provide Snackson with its own resources. We have created more than 12 categories with almost 1,000 microcontents in 3 languages so far, and each month we’ll make available for our clients between one and three new categories for free.

The ultimate goal is to become a new training and communication channel that companies and institutions can use regularly.



These last months we’ve been endeavored to introduce ourselves to the public, participate in events and activate commercial actions.

We participated in the South Summit competition. In September, we were told that we had passed to the pre-selection phase (400 startups of 2,000), but we couldn’t be on the 100 finalist list (we’ll try next year :D).

On the 29th October, we participated with other 50 startups of Catalonia in the Tech Demo Day organized by La Salle. An event that served us to introduce Snackson to different potential clients, do networking and get to know other entrepreneurs.

And we will carry on! We want you to know us, test Snackson, give us your opinion and if you like it, work with you. We know you won’t regret.

Juan Carlos explaining Snackson’s advantages 😀



Pilot testing and first sales

What makes us most proud of is the confidence that clients are showing in our value proposition.

Snackson is a novel product that revolutionizes the way of performing eLearning in organizations. And we are happy to know that our clients see it as useful as we do, and that hey have communicated their intention to implement it within their training plan.

In October, we made three pilot tests with organizations of the pharmaceutic sector, retail, and health. And the results have been really satisfactory. But we never stop and in the coming days we’ll be doing four more pilot tests and closing Snackson’s first sale.

It will be our second milestone because… Microlearning is coming!


Haven’t you downloaded our wallpaper yet ;D?

Post translated by Carolina Serna

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