Before summer, we showed you the progress we had made regarding the creation of categories. Since then, we have not stopped! From now on, our clients have 4 new categories completely for free.

Every month we launch new contents compilations. Some are of our own creation, and others we remodel them from an earlier material that our collaborators give us. We want to provide you with a useful base of knowledge that can be applicable to your organization, so that you can start using Snackson from the beginning.

As we have already told on other occasions, creating contents in Snackson is really simple. The challenge is to develop the educational design and the pedagogical treatment of the content. These category examples can guide or inspire you when it comes to adapt or create the contents for your training activities. You also have available a series of instructions we have composed for the creation of useful and engaging learning objects:


Future is now


  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 54
  • Question Learning Objects: 8

Available in English, Spanish and Catalan.


Cutting-edge technology tools (gadgets or widgets), plenty of apps (mobile applications) and a great diversity of new emerging technologies are revolutionizing the market.

What is more, technological progress is making us be witnesses of an evolution in communicative, educational, production, organizational, etc. processes.

What is the augmented reality? Where is it being used?, what is the big data? And a whole lot more.

It is natural if with this scenario you feel confused. New nomenclatures that may be all Greek to you, but that nevertheless, are on everyone’s lips.

Thanks to this new category you won’t only be able to identify what are your friends talking about, you’ll know how these technologies are being implemented and you’ll also see some examples. We’re sure they’ll inspire you for future projects.


Future-is-now-1 Future-is-now-2 Future-is-now-3 Future-is-now-4



Communication skills



  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 73
  • Question Learning Objects: 12

Available in English, Spanish and Catalan.


Communication skills are not just those which allow us to communicate better, but also understand others better. How we deal with things, and how we transmit it, it’s decisive in how they’ll take it.

In this category you’ll find all you need to know to communicate more efficiently: verbal and paralinguistic components, how to improve active listening, which kinds of reactions we can find, factors that prevent us from being assertive, the importance of productivity…

Do we convince you if we tell you that this category is great? It is so much brilliant that if there were a Nobel Microlearning Prize, it would be nominated! 😀

Welcome to the category that improves the way you communicate with others!


Communication-skills-1 Communication-skills-2 Communication-skills-3 Communication-skills-4



Emotional Intelligence and Customer Support


  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 52
  • Question Learning Objects: 6

Available in English, Spanish and Catalan.


The customer support professional has to know how to control emotions in a way that these don’t interfere on the quality of his/her work.

We don’t feel the same when we talk with the first customer of the day, when we are already fresh than when we attend a customer after a long and tiring day or when we are very worried about something.

In this category, we have illustrated that emotional intelligence is not a question of repressing emotions but to control them, of knowing how to take emotions by the adequate road in order to balance them. For this reason, it is important to know the different kinds of emotions, how to face a situation in its different forms and train that control.

Welcome to the social gym, we will exercise empathy, we’ll prepare ourselves for being able to understand what our interlocutor says, we’ll practice the personalized attention and… we’ll satisfy the needs of our customers!


emotional-intelligence-1 emotional-intelligence-2 emotional-intelligence-3 emotional-intelligence-4



Effective meetings



  • Knowledge Learning Objects: 30
  • Question Learning Objects: 2

Available in English, Spanish and Catalan.


Team meetings are present in all organizations because they are an excellent tool for communication and integration. They allow the exchange of ideas, participation and, used correctly, they improve the staff responsibilities thanks to the tasks assigned.

However, they are often perceived as a loss of time. And the truth is that time is our most valuable asset. Thus, it is necessary to be able to prioritize, detect problems and analyze the information efficiently.

With this category, you’ll learn to squeeze the most from your meetings. You’ll learn the different phases you have to take into account when proposing a meeting, from planning to assessment, once finished.



Effective-meetings-1 Effective-meetings-2 Effective-meetings-3 Effective-meetings-4


We help you to build training!

We want to remind you that in Snackson we also offer a personalized contents creation service. If your organization does not have the time or the resources necessary to produce them, our team will carry out the whole process, from conceptualization until the final production.

Post translated by Carolina Serna

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