Anytime, anywhere

Snackson adapts the microlearning methodology in order to give access to knowledge in a simple, comfortable, modular and flexible way. The ubiquity of microlearning offers a learning experience adapted to each person’s lifestyle.

An app that brings closer training to the 21st century.

Help us to connect corporative knowledge to your employees

Improve the way the members of your organization learn, introduce them to gamification dynamics. Choose the most suitable or create your own content and set challenges. You decide when will it be available, the teams that will be involved…

Easy to use. Keep it simple!

Snackson provides you with a back-office where you will be able to manage, configure and supervise issues related to challenges (users, contents, prizes, schedule…). It is thought to be as easy and intuitive as possible. With just a few clicks you will be able to start using our service and throw down the first challenges to users in Snackson’s App.

Key points

It is easy to create text, images, video and questionnaire contents with Snackson; and provide them with gamification dynamics (points by interaction, badges, prizes…). It helps learners to improve its understanding and to be interested in the learning object.

Easy to edit

It includes and combines questionnaires, video, text, image gallery, links… in order to create your contents.

With Snackson’s edition templates, the content generation process is completely intuitive and simple.

Create custom-built challenges

Register all the users that you want to have access to the app. Assign them to groups with which they will get involved in challenges.
You have total freedom when it comes to the creation of groups, one user can be linked to as many groups as you want.

Previously created contents

When you access Snackson, you will already have more than 20 general thematic categories that you can use in your challenges, together with your own contents.

We add new categories periodically. If you have any suggestions, we will be delighted to listen to them!

Mobile first

Snackson is designed to be used on mobile phones.

We follow microlearning strategies in order to create a training experience closer to day-to-day reality.

Live tracking

Know how the challenges you have set out are evolving in real time.

You can know what are the favorite times to access the service, user’s favorite content, the rate of participation, how many times the attachments in learning objects have been downloaded…

We speak your language!

Snackson is available in Spanish, English and Catalan. Our contents editor offers the possibility to adapt your contents to these three languages.

We are learning more languages to give you the best service!

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