Microcourse: Emotional Intelligence and Customer Support

The customer support professional has to know how to control emotions in a way that these don't interfere on the quality of his/her work. We don't feel the same when we talk with the first customer of the day, when … Read More

Microcourse: Effective meetings

  Team meetings are present in all organizations because they are an excellent tool for communication and integration. They allow the exchange of ideas, participation and, if correctly used, they improve the staff responsibilities thanks to the tasks assigned. However, … Read More

Microcourse: Conflict management and mediation techniques

  A conflict can emerge in the most unexpected moment and for the most unexpected reason, both in our professional and personal lives. Knowing the different kind of conflicts existing, the elements that interfere, and how to face them will … Read More

Microcourse: Tips to be more productive

This microcourse’s title couldn’t be more descriptive. These hacks have been built up by Chris Bailey, a guru in productivity and efficiency at work. Tips that will help us to be more productive. But not only that, also to be … Read More

Improving corporate training with microlearning

Training employees has been a constant challenge for companies: it involves setting up training plans, developing pedagogical resources, reinforcing key information, carrying out follow-up activities, ensuring active participation from the students… all while having to consider our very limited attention … Read More


See you in the 4th International EDO Congress

Next May, the IV International EDO Congress will be held in Barcelona, specifically on the 11th, 12th, and 13th May.  Here you can see the programme. The topic of the congress is situated learning and connected learning as well as … Read More

LO Characteristics and granularity

Some days ago we wrote about Learning Objects (LO) yand we told that soon we would talk about their characteristics. Well, here we are with the ones that are considered as more important. According to Polsani (2003) they are: accessibility, … Read More

Learning Objects (LO)

Their appearance dates back to the 1970s in the Latin American countries. They have been spreading all over the world through the years until they adopted their identity, which was conferred by Wayne Hodgins (1992), who developed the concept around … Read More

The origin of Snackson’s name

In the last events we’ve attended, we have been asked a common question: Why Snackson? They weren’t talking about the advantages of our microlearning service but to the meaning of its name. Now is the moment of uncovering this mystery: … Read More