Microlearning creation process – an infographic

When we develop any kind of didactic material, we always must follow a process with a series of essential points. In this infographic, we’ve compiled all the experience we’ve obtained from the creation of our contents repository and we’ve illustrated … Read More

4 Ways that Snackson can be Used in the University Environment

Academia has experienced many changes to the learning process with the rapid evolution of technology over the last few decades. These days the library serves the same purpose as a coffee shop: just a quiet place to study. Students no … Read More

Our experience at 4YFN 2017

We had already mentioned a few weeks ago that this was our second year taking part in 4YFN. The excitement of the days ahead and how fast they went by… Well, as I was saying, from the 27th of February … Read More

New functionalities of the Snackson application!

In today’s post, with our usual aim of improving each day, we would like to present 4 new functionalities we have developed to ensure an even more complete and satisfactory user experience:   Feedback Tracking videos Audio player Content lists … Read More

Learn from the first minute

Snackson makes it easy to create your own microcontents and courses. Thanks to our templates, the edition and update of your training activities in a matter of seconds. What is more, you have at your disposal our catalogue so that … Read More

Microcourse: Soft skills

  Soft skills help us not only to communicate better but to understand others better. How we deal with events and how we transmit it has an impact on how others will take it. In this microcourse you'll find all … Read More

Microcourse: Orthotypography and other thoughts about language

  Only a philologist or a language geek would dare to read the Nueva gramática de la lengua española (2009 – 2011) and the Ortografía de la lengua española (2010) manuals, they add up 4,832 pages of norms! But they are not the only … Read More

Microcourse: How to design efficient presentations

  This is not a PowerPoint course. This is about knowing what we want to convey, how we should do it graphically and how to use the concepts. The saying "Do not put the cart before he horse" has its … Read More

Microcourse: High risk food and HACCP

This challenge includes the most important aspects to properly prepare food that, because of its characteristics and as a consequence of bad handling, can cause health issues. Besides, it deals with issues such as the phases that must be taken … Read More

Microcourse: Food handling

  A food handler is a person who, in the workplace, is in direct contact with food. Can you distinguish between an infection and food poisoning? Thanks to this new category you won't only be able to identify what does … Read More