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From e-learning to Snackson

This is a translation by Snackson of a post originally written in Spanish by Jordi Pizarro, who published it at   Well, yes, it seems that we are at that moment when you take a risk or simply you don’t move … Read More

Pros and cons of the top animated video making platforms

in Snackson we create audiovisual material to give support to the content previously designed, content created by ourselves in which we recreate situations or explanatory videos to bring people new knowledge in a quick and funny way. To carry out … Read More

Content is the key (microlearning)

Snackson’s success lies both in its technical conceptualization and its approach to contents. In the case of microlearning, the impact is clearer: media determines the type of content to show. We are aware of these circumstances and we want to … Read More

Lifelong Learning in Companies of the 21st Century

Last September, we published an article in eLearning Industry, a reference website that gathers interesting articles about pedagogical design, educational trends, authoring tools… and other topics directly related with teaching and learning processes in digital environments. You can find the original … Read More

9 ideas to apply microlearning in your organization

Just a year ago we published this post where we collected some situations in which we believed that microlearning would be ideal for organizations. After putting it into practice with diverse companies from very different fields and needs, we have … Read More

Microlearning creation process – an infographic

When we develop any kind of didactic material, we always must follow a process with a series of essential points. In this infographic, we’ve compiled all the experience we’ve obtained from the creation of our contents repository and we’ve illustrated … Read More

6 aspects you shouldn’t forget when producing an instructional video

The use of videos with a teaching approach is not new. It’s been more than 50 years since teachers use it in class. However, with the rise of digital technology, this resource has achieved a greater impact. Currently, students show … Read More

E-learning or m-learning. That’s not the question

This is a translation by Snackson of a post originally written in Spanish by Jordi Pizarro, who published it at Could you say why do I  defend that the courses I design with Storyline can’t be considered as m-learning? We should … Read More

New functionality: multi-company users

On this occasion, we want to introduce you a new functionality that allows our users to participate in the training activities of multiple companies. Both our backoffice and the app are already enabled to work with multi-company users. One only … Read More

New functionality: multi-language

From the beginning, Snackson is a channel created so that companies and organizations from all around the world bring training and communication closer to their workers, clients or collaborators in a simple and ongoing basis. It is for that reason … Read More