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This is a translation by Snackson of a post originally written in Spanish by Jordi Pizarro, who published it at


Well, yes, it seems that we are at that moment when you take a risk or simply you don’t move forward. And, yes, we’re taking the risk.

And the risk consists in creating new learning options, having in mind that this technology thing is dramatically advancing. It’s clear that corporations need more and the best, but how to determine those “more” and “best” is not as clear. They often come along with a concept that can be dangerous: cheap.

We will try to detail those “more” and “best”

About the “more”

We’re seeing how the “I want it to be supported on tablet and phone” it’s not a plus, it’s a sine qua non. You do it or it leaves you in a corner, into the oblivion of your clients. This is not a problem anymore, because, for a few years now, our courses meet this requirement.

But they want more, our clients want more, and this must be translated into an adjustment of the working tools so that learning can be more effective and efficient. It is at this point when there appear concepts such as interactive videos, content thought for the decision-making processes or projects based on gamification. And of course, there are also new tools, as the one we’re presenting together with CADMO, in which we try to provide comfortable solutions to our clients.

It’s clear that this “more” also entails taking into account Big Data in order to progress and embrace knowledge in your organization as well as arrange it in a way in which all its components have access to all those knowledge considered as a Know How. But, of course, this means more in all aspects, included the economical one.

About the “best”

The best comes from a new paradigm based on microcontent and the mobile phone as the main tool of e-learning. It will be to adapt content to the learning vital rhythm, and let this give an answer to the need and little time that we have in our everyday. The best is about a tool thought for mobile phones, forgetting about the typical e-learning course and the darned Scorm standard, and in which ubiquity is not a condition but a virtue. The best will be known as mobile learning, thought and created just for that, the mobile phone; and not as hitherto, that it’s simply seen on it.

The best has to consider that the everyday life of workers is, for instance, frequently, sprinting during 8 hours (if you’re lucky) and, therefore, should know how to discern and apply the Occam’s razor in order to provide it, exclusively, with that knowledge needed to improve their competencies and give the necessary tools in order to go into the topic, whenever they have time.

That’s why it’s important to know how to think, create and design useful microcontent that can provide organized and explicit knowledge about all that subjects you want to work on.

This “best” is going to have a name, that you should remember: SNACKSON.




About the more and the best

Think about the more and the best that we propose for a second,  Yes, certainly, the more and the best are complementary. It’s clear that e-learning requires some innovation and has to be a very important and necessary part of our learning regarding lifelong learning, but it’s also obvious that we must be courageous and give opportunities to the natural evolution that technology provides.

To sum up, it’s about identifying the needs so that the skills of your organization’s employees improve day by day; in a way that helps us to identify and create talent by the training offered to clients. And the training, methodology, and tools you rely on are going to be essential to reach success.

Designtraining wants to help you choose useful tools and take part of an adventure in a new learning project. Does anyone want to join? If you’re interested, contact us.


Post translated by Carolina Serna

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