Microcourse: Emotional Intelligence and Customer Support


Emotional Intelligence and Customer Support

The customer support professional has to know how to control emotions in a way that these don’t interfere on the quality of his/her work.

We don’t feel the same when we talk with the first customer of the day, when we are already fresh than when we attend a customer after a long and tiring day or when we are very worried about something.

In this microcourse, we have illustrated that emotional intelligence is not a question of repressing emotions but to control them, of knowing how to take emotions by the adequate road in order to balance them. For this reason, it is important to know the different kinds of emotions, how to face a situation in its different forms and train that control.

Welcome to the social gym, we will exercise empathy, we’ll prepare ourselves for being able to understand what our interlocutor says, we’ll practice the personalized attention and… we’ll satisfy the needs of our customers!

LanguagesEnglish, Spanish and Catalan.
Length: 1 hour
Distribution: 50 microcontents (15 questions)


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