Microcourse: Future is now

Microcurso: El futuro es ahora

Future is now

Cutting-edge technology tools (gadgets or widgets), plenty of apps (mobile applications) and a great diversity of new emerging technologies are revolutionizing the market.

What is more, technological progress is making us be witnesses of an evolution in communicative, educational, production and organizational processes, among others. 

What is the augmented reality? Where is it being used?, what is the big data? And a whole lot more.

It is natural if with this scenario you feel confused. New nomenclatures that may be all Greek to you, but that nevertheless, are on everyone’s lips.

Thanks to this microcourse you won’t only be able to identify what are your friends talking about, you’ll know how these technologies are being implemented and you’ll also see some examples. We’re sure they’ll inspire you for future projects.

LanguagesEnglish, Spanish and Catalan.
Length: 1 hour
Distribution: 62 microcontents (8 questions)


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