Microcourse: Soft skills

Microcurso: Habilidades comunicativas y sociales

Soft skills

Soft skills help us not only to communicate better but to understand others better. How we deal with events and how we transmit it has an impact on how others will take it.

In this microcourse you’ll find all you need in order to communicate more efficiently: verbal and paralinguistic components, how to improve active listening, what kind of reactions you can face, factors that stop us from being assertive, the importance of being proactive.

Would we convince you if we tell you that this microcourse is great? It is so much brilliant that if there were a Nobel Microlearning Prize, it will be nominated! 馃榾

Welcome to the category that improves the way you communicate with others!

Languages:聽English, Spanish and Catalan.
Length:聽2 hours
Distribution:80 microcontents (24聽questions)


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