Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Version 1.1


ADAPTATIVE is a company that offers a solution based on the distribution of small contents or microcontents organized in temporary challenges called Snackson (

ADAPTATIVE owns all exploitation rights of the various mobile applications as well as the web platforms related to Snackson (hereinafter Snackson or Service).

We refer to the concept of the CLIENT to identify the company or institution that hires Snackson’s professional services  and has access to the management environment.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Snackson guarantees a minimum of 99.95% anual availability of their servers and services. This level of SLA will be computed independently at the level of the following services:

  • Course Management (web access)
  • Applications (IOS, Android, Windows Phone)

These warranties do not cover interruptions due to scheduled maintenance:

  • Causes not attributable to Snackson: failures caused by the client´s equipment, connection interruptions caused by third party access, or external faults from other providers outside of Snackson.
  • All acts in which the client or third party cause an internal service outage due to a non-standard service action are excluded from this calculation. This includes: external attacks, misuse of resources that could lead to a saturation of the contracted service, etc.


Compensation Table
The Client may claim compensation according to what is established in the following table:

Availability % Compensation as a discount on the amount paid in credits or licenses.
D < 99.95 % 2,00%
D < 99.00 % 4,00%
D < 95.00 % 5,00%


Calculation of crash time

The service availability is calculated using the following formula:
D = (Ta – Tp) / Ta

  • D is the time of service availability.
  • Ta is the total annual time.
  • Tp is the time with total loss of connectivity. The time lost will be equal to that of the time passed from the start of the incident, until the end of said incident.


Ta = 1 year = 525,600 ‘

Tp = 360 ‘(monthly time with complete loss of connectivity)

D = (525.600′-360 ‘) / 525,600’ = 99.93% (compensation will be 2.00% of the amount of contracted credits)

Compensation Method

  • The crash time is established at the time that Snackson is notified of the occurrence of the incident, or when Snackson has assessed the incident (incident communication).
  • The time of the incident ends when Snackson finds that the service has been fully restored (closure of incident).
  • The customer must request in writing via e-mail ( the refund of the amount by this warranty, indicating the date and the time of the crash/outage.
  • In case of verification, the amount of the refund will be paid in the 30 days to follow.


Barcelona, January 26 2017