Snackson’s Operation and Dynamics

Versión 1.1

This document is a summary of the main features and characteristics of Snackson. It is not an exhaustive or complete list of all the features or options that the CLIENT can use in the Snackson environment.



ADAPTATIVE is a company that offers a solution based on the distribution of small contents or microcontents organized in temporary challenges  called Snackson (

ADAPTATIVE owns all exploitation rights of the various mobile applications as well as the web platforms related to Snackson (hereinafter Snackson or Service).

We refer to the concept of the CLIENT to identify the company or institution that hires Snackson´s professional services and has access to the management environment.

ADAPTATIVE will provide the CLIENT with access to a management environment. Such access shall be given by prior validation through a username and password. Snackson will provide the client with the data needed to validate the environment.

The CLIENT may ask ADAPTATIVE for up to 2 different administrative users. Currently the Snackson management environment does not have a detailed system of roles and permissions, so administrative users can perform all actions of administrative management equally.


The CLIENT will be responsible for proceeding with the registration, deregistration and modification of Snackson’s final users Snackson (hereinafter the Users).

The conventional way to register users will follow the following procedure:

  • The CLIENT registers by entering the personal data of the users that Snackson asks them for.
  • The Users receive an e-mail with a personalized link to download Snackson.
  • Through the same link the final users indicate their login password and the registrarion takes place in the Snackson system.
  • Users can change their passwords at any time.

The CLIENT may proceed to deregister or disactivate users (users are not removed from the system) through the section for it management of users of theback-office.

The de-registration process works in a logical way. The useras are not removed from the system (to avoid discrepancies in reports, data collection and monitoring). If the client needs to permanently delete a user, they must request this in an email to indicating the name and email of the user in question.


It is defined by challenges (or microcourses) assigned to a group of users that receive a predetermined number of learning objecst (microcontents) on a daily basis over a period of time.

The CLIENT may indicate in each of the challenges: the recipients, the number of learning objects, their duration, including the choice of day and time slot, as well as the possibility of granting awards. There is also the option to make the challenges competitive, creating the possibility for competitions between users or teams.

Learning objects can be informative content or evaluative content, and may also contain images or video. This is all the choice of the CLIENT. Video content allows the use of links to Youtube and MP4 files (Snackson recommends Vimeo). For MP4 links , its best to link to a video thats duration and size does not harm the user experience.

The total number of learning objects that can be created is determined by the space contracted by the CLIENT. Once the storage has been completely consumed, the CLIENT may request to contract an additional increase in storage capacity from ADAPTATIVE LEARNING.

The CUSTOMER may edit or cancel a challenge up until the time when the challenge begins. If the subsequent incident occurs, the CLIENT may contact ADAPTATIVE to proceed to make the necessary changes.

The CLIENT is solely responsible for having all the necessary permits and licenses to publish content Snackson through their account. ADAPTATIVE is not required to monitor or control the content posted by the customer through their account and therefore is not be liable for any claim by any third party with respect to the posting of such content.

Snackson lets you add links to third party websites, either within the Service itself or integrated in the contents published on the Service. The CLIENT is aware that Snackson is not responsible for reviewing that the information that the CLIENT links continues to be online, accessible or live, nor for the accuracy of such websites or resources, nor for verifying the content or information contained therein nor for the possible infringement of national or international laws.

The CLIENT agrees that the links that ADAPTATIVE can provide through the contents of Snackson does not imply support from ADAPTATIVE for the content, resources, products or services on linked sites that can be displayed in the present or in the future.


The CLIENT declares that they understand and accept that the awards or bonuses that they assign to the end users who have registered with the Service shall be exclusively their responsibility, both in the acquisition, payment, delivery, and any other management or cost that is derived from this functionality. ADAPTATIVE will not respond in any way to any final user registered to the Service by the CLIENT for any incident or claiming of related prizes, rewards or incentives that the CLIENT has determined.


ADAPTATIVE has a credit-based system for creating challenges.

Credits = number of users x number of days of duration of a challenge

Ex. A challenge begins on July 1 and ends on July 15. The client enrolls 100 users in this challenge. Credit consumption is calculated by multiplying both values: 15 days x 100 users = 1,500 credits.

The challenge can be edited as long as the start date is later than the current date of issue. The CLIENT can edit the challenge by modifying the days and/or users, and adding or subtracting to the total number of credits according to the new calculation (added or subtracted difference).

To create a challenge, the CLIENT must have sufficient credit (according to the indicated calculation).

The client acquires predefined packages of credits (from 1,000 to 100,000 credits) that can be consumed over 12 months and completed challenges (those that have reached the end date) do not consume credits.

With each new acquisition of credits, all previously purchased credits that were not used by the client will be extended in validity for the next twelve months.


ADAPTATIVE offers microcourses developed by SNACKSON or partner companies called SNACKSON WITH LICENSE:

Each microcourse has a different duration (1 to 8 weeks) and a fixed price depending on the number of licenses.

The customer purchases a certain number of microcourse licenses and can launch challenges based on said microcourse. Planning and course structure is fixed and cannot be changed or altered. The CLIENT can determine the start and end date, microcourse description, and the users that will take said microcourse (equivalent to the number of licenses you need to take the course.)

Each user registered to a microcourse consumes 1 license of the course, which is deducted from the total number of purchased licenses. The course in license format do not consume the CLIENT’s credits. Courses licenses are valid for 12 months from the date of acquisition.


If the CLIENT does not acquire new loans within twelve months from the last acquisition, all credits or licenses shall expire as a whole and will be removed from the customer’s account.

Once the CLIENT loses all credits or licenses, either from having consumed them all or from disposal as a result of its expiry, the customer will have an additional six months until ADAPTATIVE proceeds to the final deactivation of their user account from the Service. During this time, the customer can continue to perform the same actions within the Service except for creating new challenges, because this is always linked to the existence of loans or licenses.

Snackson has a system of alerts by e-mail to alert the client about the status of their account, scheduled as follows:

  • 3 month notice before the end of the twelve month validity of claims / licenses.
  • 1 month notice before the end of the twelve month validity of claims / licenses.
  • 1 month notice before finalizing the additional 6 months of limited access.

Six months after the loss of all claims or licenses by the CLIENT, if no new acquisition of loans or licenses by the CLIENT has occurred, ADAPTATIVE will proceed to the final deactivation of the CLIENT’s account on the Service. The account deactivation entails deleting all data from Snackson´s final users which were registered by the customer, their access to the Service, as well as disabling the CLIENT’s access to the Service and the elimination of all record of their activity.


ADAPTIVE can use communication systems such as administration messages, service announcements or other messages related to the Service. Such communication may be carried out either through the Service, through the management panel, by email or by post, sent to the addresses that the CLIENT provides to ADAPTATIVE at the time of recruitment. These communications are part of the Snackson Service and activity.

Snackson currently sends 5 different messages to the user:

  • Message in the user registration process in order set-up a password.
  • Reminder message for the de-registration process (48 and 96 hours)
  • Challenge welcome message.
  • Challenge completion message.
  • Internal application messages (in the case of service incidents or consensual communications with the CLIENT).


Snackson is an environment in continuous development and these features and dynamics may change in the future in later versions.

ADAPTATIVE may modify or extend these dynamics and functions when deemed appropriate and / or necessary under for the evolution of development or for any normative changes that may apply. The CLIENTS will be informed of updates and / or substantial modifications, guaranteeing publicity and transparency, and respecting the rights of the users of our services, allowing for a de-registration process from Snackson’s services if this is what the CLIENTS consider necessary.


Barcelona, January 26 2017