Edtech (Education & Technology) is a concept that is rapidly gaining ground. A term which represents a growing sector, with a turnover forecast for 2022 close to 243,8 billion dollars. Probably, the fastest-growing area after ehealth, iOT or fintech.

Only some months ago, we wrote an article in which we showed some Edtech startups  that had received funding. Already at that time, we saw innovative proposals that caught the attention of renowned international investment funds. This is why we now invite you to review the latest news (which are a lot) of the last months.

But before starting, I would like to highlight an announcement which, if confirmed, will suppose a considerable impact in the Edtech sector. By mid-March, the announcement that Amazon would launch over 2016 a free platform of educative materials was reported. Considering the power and the access that Amazon has towards the final consumer, we find ourselves before a game changer.

However, it is not the only big fish interested in expanding the business by exploring Edtech’s possibilities: Google has launched its own LMS which makes full use of the integration with Google Apps (Google Classrooms). And Apple, which from its inception is closely linked to training, has developed an application that makes management easier for the training centers: Apple Classrooms and, in passing, it acquires at the beginning of the year LearnStrout, a startup linked to the academic bigData.

And Facebook? Facebook has been investing in Edtech startups through Zuckerberg Education Ventures. The last investment made, in the company named Volley Labs, took place in March.


A sector in constant motion.

The list you’ll see next tries to gather the most significant investments in the sector. It’s possible I may have forgotten some, so I’ll be thankful if you point me out the possible absences. I’ve also expressly excluded the Spanish startups because we’re preparing a post exclusively for our country’s ecosystem (I’ll be pleased to receive references too).

Start-up, name, URL (in the title), headquarters & description Last funding round Last funding amount ($) Crunchbase reference
CarrerFoundry Online mentored courses apr. 16 5 million (6.4 total) Crunchbase
edCast Microlearning platform apr. 16 16 million (22 total) Crunchbase
LTG Online tests platform mar. 16 5.39 million (8.39 total) Crunchbase
LightSail Reading platform mar. 16 11 million (23.19 total) Crunchbase
Parchment Credential management platform mar. 16 12 million (50 total) Crunchbase
Byju’s LMS (Saas) and support content for elementary education mar. 16 75 million Crunchbase
HandShake Job portal for university students feb. 16 10.5 million (14 total) Crunchbase
Knewton Adaptive Learning feb. 16 10 million (157 total) Crunchbase
digiSchool LMS (Saas) for elementary and secondary school feb. 16 15.76 million (19,62 total) Crunchbase
SchoolMint Help in the enrollment experience of schools feb. 16 5 million (7.2 total) Crunchbase
panOpen Open Educational Resources platform feb. 16 1.5 million (7.55 total) Crunchbase
digiSchool LMS (Saas) for B2C and corporations jan. 16 750K (seed) Crunchbase
Grovo Platform of microlearning courses jan. 16 40 million (62.2 total) Crunchbase
Kidaptive Gamified content for kids jan. 16 8.12 million (18.22 total) Crunchbase
Degreed  Enterprise learning portal (Saas) jan. 16 21 million (30.7 total) Crunchbase
Twig World Microcontents for science jan. 16 4.98 million Crunchbase
Coursehorse Discover and recommend local classes jan. 16 4 million (5.8 total) Crunchbase
Afanti App for elementary school students dec. 15 60 million (78 total) Crunchbase
Administrate LMS (SaaS) dec. 15 2.5 million (4.04 total) Crunchbase
Allovue Finance information focused on districts dec. 15 5.1 million (6,9 total) Crunchbase
enLearn Adaptive Learning nov. 15 3 million Crunchbase
Instructure CanvasLMS + Bridge nov. 15 80.96 million (160 total) Crunchbase
HotChalk university LMS (Saas) nov. 15 230 million (235 total) Crunchbase
Varsity Tutors P2P connection platform between tutors and students nov. 15 50 million (57 total) Crunchbase
TutorGroup LMS (Saas) for elementary and secondary school nov. 15 200 million (315 total) Crunchbase


As we have been able to verify, the list is constantly growing, it’s a sector that keeps growing and offering increasingly interesting proposals. Edtech: education & technology. Rock & Roll! 😀


Post translated by Carolina Serna

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