Tips to Create eLearning Courses

A few years ago, in a previous life 馃槉 we made an infographic showing tips create elearning courses. It鈥檚 funny to note the number of stages needed to develop an eLearning content and the variety of profiles it needs. Let鈥檚 … Read More

驴Falta de inspiraci贸n? 5 ejemplos de dise帽o UI y UX

Lacking inspiration? 5 examples of UI and UX design

5 examples of UI and UX design With the advent of new technologies comes the need for creating new terms for all the innovations that pop up around us and that become part of our day to day lives. I … Read More

The Opportunity of the “Little Guys”

A few days ago we participated in a meeting with one of Snackson’s clients in which the training managers from all areas of the business were present. It’s a multinational business with a complex structure, numerous training requirements, a need … Read More