Tips to Create eLearning Courses

A few years ago, in a previous life 馃槉 we made an infographic showing tips create elearning courses. It鈥檚 funny to note the number of stages needed to develop an eLearning content and the variety of profiles it needs. Let鈥檚 … Read More

The 6 most read articles at Snackson

Today’s post is a bit different to the ones you’re used to. After looking back on our articles, we have come up with a list of the most read posts of our blog in the past 6 months. Now you … Read More

The Opportunity of the “Little Guys”

A few days ago we participated in a meeting with one of Snackson’s clients in which the training managers from all areas of the business were present. It’s a multinational business with a complex structure, numerous training requirements, a need … Read More

MOTIVATION & FEEDBACK: The keys to learning

Today’s post is about a must-see TEDx Talk featuring Sal Khan,聽founder of Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization. His speech at this event was titled:   Let鈥檚 use video to reinvent education   Don’t worry if you haven’t had the … Read More

Startups & elearning: Edtech

Edtech (Education & Technology) is a concept that is rapidly gaining ground. A term which represents a growing sector, with a turnover forecast for 2022 close to 243,8 billion dollars. Probably, the fastest-growing area after ehealth, iOT or fintech. Only … Read More

New executive roles in the Digital Era – Infographics

Digital innovation and technology have changed and keep changing practically the whole business sector, not only within a company but also at the level of the client, it is inescapable to acquire and develop knowledge and digital skills of the … Read More

Startups & Elearning. Transforming the sector

Last 2nd October finished the http://barcelona.startupweek.co/ and with it, lots of activities, conferences, networking days, events and a lot of entrepreneurial spirit. One of the talks named some companies that are making an impression on the ecosystem. Most of the … Read More