El contenido es la clave

Content is the key: 10 tips about microlearning:

Snackson’s success lies both in its technical conceptualization and its approach to contents. In the case of microlearning, the impact is clearer: media determines the type of content to show. So, the content is the key (microlearning) We are aware … Read More

¿Falta de inspiración? 5 ejemplos de diseño UI y UX

Lacking inspiration? 5 examples of UI and UX design

5 examples of UI and UX design With the advent of new technologies comes the need for creating new terms for all the innovations that pop up around us and that become part of our day to day lives. I … Read More

The Opportunity of the “Little Guys”

A few days ago we participated in a meeting with one of Snackson’s clients in which the training managers from all areas of the business were present. It’s a multinational business with a complex structure, numerous training requirements, a need … Read More

4 formas de utilizar el microlearning en el entorno universitario

4 Ways Microlearning can be Used in the University Environment

The University Environment has experienced many changes to the learning process with the rapid evolution of technology over the last few decades. These days the library serves the same purpose as a coffee shop: just a quiet place to study. … Read More

Improving corporate training with microlearning

Training employees has been a constant challenge for companies: it involves setting up training plans, developing pedagogical resources, reinforcing key information, carrying out follow-up activities, ensuring active participation from the students… all while having to consider our very limited attention … Read More

The origin of Snackson’s name

In the last events we’ve attended, we have been asked a common question: Why Snackson? The origin of Snackson’s name They weren’t talking about the advantages of our microlearning service but to the meaning of its name. Now is the … Read More

Microlearning is coming

Microlearning is coming

If you read our blog you may already know that we are working hard to have Snackson operative in iOS and Android in the months to come. We can already say that Android‘s version is almost finished (we’re in the … Read More

Mobility & immediacy in the digital age

The time has come… In just a few weeks Snackson won’t be any more an ambitious project in the mind of its creators, it will be a reality. We want this blog to be our link to all those professionals … Read More