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Lifelong Learning in Companies of the 21st Century

Last September, we published an article in eLearning Industry, a reference website that gathers interesting articles about pedagogical design, educational trends, authoring tools… and other topics directly related with teaching and learning processes in digital environments. You can find the original … Read More

The Opportunity of the “Little Guys”

A few days ago we participated in a meeting with one of Snackson’s clients in which the training managers from all areas of the business were present. It’s a multinational business with a complex structure, numerous training requirements, a need … Read More

4 Ways that Snackson can be Used in the University Environment

Academia has experienced many changes to the learning process with the rapid evolution of technology over the last few decades. These days the library serves the same purpose as a coffee shop: just a quiet place to study. Students no … Read More

MLW 2017, the main event of the UNESCO annual ICT in education conference

The Mobile Learning Week 2017: Education in emergencies and crises will be held from the 20th to the 24th of March at the UNESCO Headquarters. The MLW (Mobile Learning Week) is UNESCO’s flagship annual ICT in education conference, it is … Read More

Our experience at 4YFN 2017

We had already mentioned a few weeks ago that this was our second year taking part in 4YFN. The excitement of the days ahead and how fast they went by… Well, as I was saying, from the 27th of February … Read More

Microcourse: Preventive measures for the administrative staff

The tasks of the administrative staff or of people who work in an office may vary between companies. If we had to find a common denominator for all of them, the same idea would come to our minds: they spend … Read More

Microcourse: Intercultural communication

  Welcome, bienvenido, willkommen… In this category we want to help you improve your relationships with people from cultures different to yours. You won't only see which barriers may arise in your way, we will also help you to overcome … Read More


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The origin of Snackson’s name

In the last events we’ve attended, we have been asked a common question: Why Snackson? They weren’t talking about the advantages of our microlearning service but to the meaning of its name. Now is the moment of uncovering this mystery: … Read More