What do Think With Google and Snackson have in common? As you are reading, it turns out that Snackson shares the concept of Micro-Moments with the marketing team at Google, Think with Google. A concept that was born from the fast-paced lifestyle our society currently leads.

Our accelerated rhythm of life and overwhelming technological advances allow us to access information wherever and whenever we want. What’s more, we have the luxury of not missing even the smallest bit of something as valuable as time (while waiting for a meeting, traveling, having a coffee…). We can ask any question we want through our mobile devices, as Global Client Partner of Google, Pedro Pina, said at the Life in micro-moments conference: Impact on the creative landscape:

Find answers to questions at every moment”

Watch the video they created to explain about the concept Think with Google. I am sure you will feel identified.

The Think with Google team finalized the video asking the question: Are you there?. We, the people behind the Snackson brand, have a very clear answer: Yes!.

We offer a mobile-based e-learning service: mobile learning for businesses and institutions. Also, with us you can learn with only 5 minutes a day, wherever you are. We have created a new way of learning adapted to our current pace of life, an adapted training strategy that we call micro-learning. That’s where the similarity with Micro-Moments is, the one I mentioned at the start of this post.


What does our learning strategy consist of?


  • Micro-Learning:

    We focus on content, eliminating the superfluous and highlighting key concepts.

  • A design that takes mobility into account:

    An easy and intuitive environment that encourages interaction and learning in a simple way, in any place.

  • Gamification dynamics:

    Bring out the kid in you and learn by playing.

What do Think With Google and Snackson have in common


  • As we know, our mobile phones have become an extension to the body and it is the medium that presents the fastest growing rate of information consumption and informal learning. Currently, 75% of Internet traffic in Spain comes from mobile devices, making it the the country that is most connected through their smartphones and tablets at world level. But according to a report by Adweek published in October 27, related to a study carried out by Zenith, our leading position might be in decline going into 2018 since it is already estimated that Hong Kong has a mobile web traffic rate of 89% over China, which has 87%, and Spain would therefore be in third place, surpassing the USA and Italy with 86%.At Snackson we will continue working to increase this % and improve day by day. Companies like Desigual, Seat, Smartbox, Eada, Sant Joan de Déu, Applus, Mutua universal, UCF, Roche and many more have already put their trust in us.

    What about you? Are you ready to join Snackson? We are waiting for you!

    Post translated by Laura del Aguila

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