In the last events we’ve attended, we have been asked a common question: Why Snackson?

The origin of Snackson’s name

They weren’t talking about the advantages of our microlearning service but to the meaning of its name. Now is the moment of uncovering this mystery:

Snackson is a wordplay, the result of blending: Snack + Watson.



A snack can be defined as a small portion of food that allows its fast consumption. It provides us with immediate doses of energy and it’s usually packed individually. These features allow us to carry it every place we go, and consume it in whenever we feel like or when we need it the most.

The analogy with microlearning is evident. Little portions of content that allow us to move ahead in your career, acquire knowledge quickly, and which are presented in a format that allows us to consult it anytime and anywhere. The famous ubiquitous learning.



But, isn’t it true that you cannot base your diet only in snacks? It would be great, they are tasty and we all love them, but our daily intake of food must be well-balanced.

The same happens with microlearning. It is a good solution to carry out a determined training activity, but the idea is to reinforce those activities with practical sessions or vice versa; complement “traditional” training relying on microlearning.

Snacks are not a substitute of anything, they are a suplement!



«Elementary, My Dear Watson»

If you live in this world it is impossible you haven’t heard this quote at some point. Leaving aside if Holmes ever said this phrase or not, if it was on the original work or just on the later ones… what is matters here is the importance of the character of Watson.


The origin of Snackson's name


Who is Watson? It is a character created by Arthur Conan Doyle for his work Sherlock Holmes (the fictional detective who solves the most intricate cases).

In Sherlock Holmes’s books, Watson is the character that is always in the cognitive process. He gave the key clue at the right time.

The same as Snackson intends to do by adapting itself to the business context: to provide the most important concepts to employees so that they themselves could be able to build their learning by taking them as a basis. Giving the clue.


The character

Small and plump. We love him!

Snackson is a free interpretation of Dr. Watson composed, masterfully, Sergi Comabella, our top illustrator.

This tone on the graphic image of the character and the other elements of Snackson’s app interface is premeditated. We wanted it to have a retro style, an old English atmosphere, one of the gaberdines and detectives.

Snackson café


I won’t say more, but we still have a lot of things ready… Ms. Snackson is coming!

So? Was it what you thought?

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